Update on kids

Just to update you all on the kids and what they have been up to.  I will start with Chase. He is so happy to be in the 10th grade this year and so involved in AG and FFA.  He is trying to do better in school so that he can graduate with his friends.  He has his permit right now and is currently looking for a truck.  He is looking for a job closer to home so that he is not spending so much for gas. He can save more money that way. 

Homecoming 2008

Homecoming 2008

On to Katie Ann who most of you know had an emergency appendectomy about 12:30am Saturday morning September 20,2008.  She was in lots of pain on Friday night so we went to the ER.  The rest is history.  She is doing better now. She missed school so much and can’t wait for 6 weeks to pass so she can get back into her gymnastics.  She and Cassie take gymnastics together. She is doing great in school with mostly 100s and one 85. She loves to read and does great on her spelling and AR test.

Homecoming. The morning of the night we went to ER.

Homecoming. The morning of the night we went to ER.

Now for Cassie.  She has been doing great in gymnastics and loves it soooo much.  She has started doing handstands in the yard and trying to do flips and other things that make my heart pound.  She has a little more trouble getting started in school as she seems to want to play more than do her work.  She does love to read but would prefer it to be on her own time. She is excited though that she is in school this year.  We will see what the future holds with her only being 1 grade behind Katie Ann.

Gymnastics uniforms

Gymnastics uniforms

 Now for the biggest news for both the girls.  They have started AWANAS and have finished their start zones (both had to say John 3:16 all the way through with only 2 helps) and received their first books and vests. Katie Ann says it without help. Cassie still sometines says forgotten 🙂 instead of begotton, though I think we have fixed that now.  They are both in Sparks and love it.  They also have another program that they used to attend and loved. They will still visit periodically. It is called

The girls in their AWANA vest holding their books

The girls in their AWANA vest holding their books

Kings Kids.  Both programs are great. 


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